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Proactive Monitoring manage_accounts

Our Proactive Monitoring process identifies problems before they create minor or major outages for your business. Our customized tools give up/down alerts and create charts on numerous metrics covering your entire infrastructure.

Concierge Backup and Recovery settings_backup_restore

FULL SERVICE. We set up your backups, manage them for you and resolve all issues. If ever a recovery is required, we complete it. Our multiple backup options enable you to select the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) that best suits your budget and business needs. In addition, in the event of a major failure, we offer an optional Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) infrastructure for Full System Recovery with a 30-minute Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Patch Management hive

Regular automated Patch Management, manually tested by our techs, ensures the security and reliability of your system’s infrastructure. We provide you with a written Service Plan customized, with your input, to meet your business needs.

Monthly/Quarterly Reviews reviews

Monthly or quarterly face-to-face meetings review our ongoing partnership with you to see how our team can better support and advance your business and IT goals. In these meetings, we jointly create a roadmap for the coming month or quarter based on a review of performance evalutions and successes or failures during the past month or quarter.

Change Management monitoring

Our change management process gives you in advance a written Change Management Notice so you can approve and schedule our proposed, protective changes to your system.

Streamlined Onboarding security

Thorough testing and onboarding in consultation with customers and end users and with their approval.

Data Migration support

We prepare and test data migration. After validation, the corrected data migration is ready to go live.

End User Adoption Assistance architecture

We provide documentation for end users to login and use their system. We can also provide an E-Learning system to ensure that your end users are fully trained.

24x7x365 Helpdesk question_exchange

Our Helpdesk is second to none for its instant, no-hold, live expert tech phone support.

Data Armor®Managed Security

Services Included work

Our proprietary Data Armor® Managed SOC as a Service package protects your system at all endpoints with the services described below.

Standard Antivirus security

We use the latest tools to automatically detect, intercept and remove all types of malware (e.g. ransomware, viruses, Trojans, bots, adware, fileless malware, worms, spyware, rootkits) from all endpoints across your entire system.

EDR and Sandboxing vpn_lock

Endpoint Detection and Response tools continually monitor your end-user devices to prevent cyber attacks. Our Sandboxing software intercepts all attachments sent to your mailboxes, opens them and analyzes them for malicious software.

Regular Vulnerability Scan document_scanner

Our regularly updated Asset Inventory creates current lists all of your non-traditional assets, including BYOD devices, IoT's, mobile assets and cloud services. We use this list to configure and perform continuous, comprehensive monitoring and scanning (as opposed to monthly or quarterly vulnerability scans).

SIEM/Log Analysis policy

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log management tools monitor your company's security posture using log files that detect and respond to Indicators of Compromise (IoC). These tools also conduct forensic data analysis and perform investigations into network events and possible attacks.

Data Leak Prevention password

Our DLP tools prevent confidential data from being removed from your system by anyone, including authorized parties such as employees and suppliers. These tools prevent data leaks to USB drives and illicit uploads to mail engines or external sites.They also log and report all attempted data leaks. The rules they use to identify confidential data are furthermore highly customized to minimize false alerts.

Managed Detection and Response sensor_occupied

Our managed detection and response (DR) services provide you with remotely delivered Security Operation Center (SOC) functions so your IT team can rapidly detect, analyze and respond quickly and correctly to external threats.These services give your IT team a smooth, turnkey experience covering your endpoint, network, logs and cloud resources.

Advanced Egress Monitoring screen_search_desktop

Our proprietary, custom-developed tools monitor all egress traffic on all systems housing critical data. All attempts to exfiltrate any data from these systems generate alerts to which we respond appropriately.

Web Application Firewall for Web Servers (WAF) devices

Our WAF systems that protect your websites from application level attacks differ from ordinary firewalls that block only some network level attacks. These systems block all attacks, including SQL Injection attacks and attacks that use deliberately malformed packets to trick your applications into disclosing critical data.

Zero Trust Security local_police

We deploy Zero Trust tools to ensure that only applications whitelisted by us can run on an endpoint or a server. We secure your system so that no application can execute on it without your permission.

Security Incident Response sync_lock

In the event that a threat has been detected on our system, we work with you to eliminate it immediately using our snapshots to rewind the system back to a known good image. You will have fully operational systems with your data intact within 60 minutes.

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