QuickBooks® Desktops And ALL Your Accounting Software In The Cloud

QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise supported Fully secured and Ransomware Free

It’s More Productive

  • Fully functional. Works exactly as your QuickBooks® Desktops Editions work now. (Not the QuickBooks web version!)
  • Multi-user access. View, edit and share QuickBooks® docs in real time with your staff, suppliers and clients. Increase staff productivity by reducing staff travel time.
  • Fully managed by our Ultimate Managed Services™ to resolve your IT headaches and make your business more efficient and productive.
  • Unmatched connectivity for Hybrid Office (home/office work) with our high-performance servers.
  • Constant access. Round-the-clock, on-the-go access. From all the locations. And across all the devices.

It’s More Convenient

Again, Your system fully managed. We patch everything promptly and regularly. Fast and easy setups, we’re with you every step of the way. Print files and checks on your office printer from any location. We perform all regular upgrades and support all
add-ons. Bring your own Quickbooks® license or we will provide it.

It’s More Secure

Our Data Armor® Managed Security secures your client’s accounting data. And it’s Ransomware free. Your data stored at our super-secure certified SOC-1 data centers located on three continents. Dual backups, dependable data recovery.
Enterprise-class antivirus technologies and threat protection. Multi-tiered intrusion detection. Round-the-clock network monitoring.
99.99% Uptime Guaranteed.

Pricing: It’s More Cost Effective

No costly servers or software to buy. Your low monthly cost includes all your backups, patches and updates. No contract required. Pay as you go, month-to-month. Instantly scale services up or down to meet the needs of your business.

Compare us to Right Networks

We host and customize. They don’t. See how full service Chi Networks outperforms single-product Right Networks:

Service Chi Networks Right Networks
Hosts QuickBooks® Desktop software, all editions
Supports Pro Series accounting and tax software
Hosts Microsoft Office, including Excel
Hosts ALL your accounting and business applications
Offers secure logins for your trusted clients
Offers bulk email hosting
Supports TurboTax software

The Chi Networks Difference

Tech Support

Best Tech Support

Our LiveTech phone specialists are available 24x7x365 to answer your questions at no cost – and with no hold, no wait and no automation!

Managed Service

Ultimate Managed Services

Enjoy the convenience and security that comes with the 21 management procedures of our flagship Ultimate Managed Services product.

Strongest SLA

Ultimate SLA

Your QuickBooks® service is backed by the 31 guarantees and 1000% credit guarantee of the Chi Networks Ultimate SLA.

you can rely on us.

Tech Support

TOTAL Data Security

Managed Service

10 Years Experience

Strongest SLA


Strongest SLA

Superfast SSD Servers

Special Offer

Free 30-Day Trial

All you need is 15 minutes: five minutes to install QuickBooks and 10 minutes to explore multi-monitor PowerViews, side-by-side comps, new photo tools, you name it. You’ll like what you see.

System Requirements

A high Speed Internet connection (which we can help you select)

Other requirements are identical to those of your current QuickBooks installation

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