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Unmatched Security

A Virtual DaaS Wall around your office . . .
Most security problems originate at the office. Remote DaaS storage reduces or eliminates them. If a fire destroys your office, your data is safe at our secure data centers. DaaS does away with all kinds of threats and unwanted activities:

  • Employee tampering at or away from the office
  • Malicious removal of drives (with DaaS there are no drives to remove)
  • Infection caused by endpoint viruses
  • Traffic in unwanted emails and Internet sites
  • Access of insecure networks to your system
  • Access to malicious sites by end users at your firm
  • Hostile intrusions to your BYO devices
  • Data leaks from the Internet or via mailing systems
  • Undesired uploads via FTP and comparable programs
  • Improper emailing of company files
  • Entry of viruses into your system via Internet gateways and firewalls