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Speed and Power.

Fasten Your DaaS Seatbelts. . .
And take advantage of our direct unthrottled routes to the Internet. With Chi Networks DaaS Deployments you can power up with 10GB Ethernet delivered on state of the art Cisco switches that give you a direct unthrottled route to the internet. DaaS user sessions at your office running on our data center servers require very low bandwidth connections. For this reason they give you much faster speeds on *any* type of connection, including connections as slow as 56KB. Even cellular connections are lightning fast.


Speedy Upgrades

One stop forward for DaaS. . .
And a giant step forward for your office productivity. Take the annoying problem of constant upgrades for all your applications. With desktop virtualization, Chi Networks will upgrade any application at your office, such as OFFICE 2012, for all of your employees. We do it by means of a single, one-time upgrade to your remote server at our data center. This single-step action, done by our technicians and not yours saves you time and money. And enables everyone at your office to instantly use the latest versions of any business software and applications.