Here’s why OUR ULTIMATE MANAGED SERVICES outperforms their support

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Control Panel

Use our Control Panel to provision, configure, manage and decommission your servers.
Use it create and destroy (delete, remove) server instances.


First Peak Manufacturing Solutions

See how this leading-edge manufacturer of CAD-designed custom parts for clients in many data-sensitive industries was able to transform the way it does business when Chi Networks engineers got CAD running in the cloud so that its designers and its clients’ designers could work together securely and in real time.

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Use Secure Chi Cloud Office VDI's for fast secure desktops

  • Fedramp Moderate Ready, ISO 27001 Complaint. SOC2 Certified
  • Unmatched Security, Ransomware Free
  • Incredibly easy setup! We install, we manage, we monitor

Data Armor Managed Security

  • SOC + NOC integrated together to maximize your security
  • Hardened Systems designed with minimal threat surfaces
  • 24x7 Threat Analysis, Monitoring and regular assessments

Tired or the Glamazon and Glamazure costs with Zero Service?

  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Hosted in your facility or ours
  • Bespoke Design and Engineering for your needs
  • Fully Supported and Managed
  • Integrated SOC + NOC


  • Fedramp Moderate Compliant
  • ISO 27001 Compliant
  • SOC2 Certified

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